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September 22, 2020

Digital marketing is more important than ever now. Learn how to optimize with digital marketing tips to get the most from your efforts.

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Digital Marketing Tips For Your Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is arguably more important now than ever. With so many staying home, your hard work and money are best spent on digital marketing – it’s where they’re most likely to see you. So to spend wisely, you’ll need to invest in your digital marketing.

If you’re not sure where to start don’t panic – we’ve accumulated some of the best digital marketing tips we could find. Read on to learn why digital marketing is important and some great steps you can take towards better digital marketing overall.

Why Does Digital Marketing Matter?

First, we’ll start with why your digital marketing strategy is so important. Your digital marketing leads to a large pool of potential customers. Not only can digital marketing reach more people in general, but more people looking for exactly what you’re selling. With different tools, you can see where the majority of your traffic comes from and which are worth investing in.

Digital marketing is also important for your business to stay competitive. Although social media is just a small portion of digital marketing, it’s worth noting that 73% of small businesses use social media marketing. So to stay competitive, you’ll need to have a digital marketing strategy. According to studies conducted in 2019, 95% of small businesses were looking to increase their digital marketing spending. While COVID-19 may have swayed these numbers a bit, digital marketing is still just as important, if not more so than last year.

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For all these reasons, your digital marketing strategy deserves some attention. Otherwise, you’re giving competitors an even bigger edge. Not only this, but digital marketing is generally more cost-effective than traditional marketing. So you’ll reach a wider variety of customers and save money while doing so. All of this is why digital marketing is such an important piece of marketing for your small business.

Easy Tips For Sprucing Up Your Digital Marketing

Now let’s jump into the reason you’re reading this – the digital marketing tips. We’ll look into the different ways you can create the most successful digital marketing campaign possible. Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, you can also save a good chunk of money in your marketing budget by shifting to a marketing strategy that’s heavier on the digital marketing side.

Get Creative

As we mentioned before, it’s important to use digital marketing to stay competitive within your industry. To achieve this with your content, you’re going to have to get creative. Rather than doing the same things you’ve always done, find some businesses you admire and scroll through all of their content. Rather than copying what everyone else does, find inspiration in those that stand out to you. Don’t copy what they do, but use their ideas as a starting point to create something that better embodies your brand.

This will help you further develop your brand. Pay special attention to the images you’re using and how they convey your message to your intended audience. Remember, your audience is likely seeing a lot of content at once, so make sure yours stands out. If you have a specific enough digital marketing style, it will stick with your brand and become part of your brand strategy. If you need to develop your brand strategy or aren’t sure what it even is, read our article on brand management strategy.

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Do Your Research

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Do some research and see which platform is going to be the most beneficial for your business. Some platforms may not even matter for your specific need. So before you start investing time and money, do your research. It’s important that you also know what you want out of these digital marketing efforts. Digital Marketing Institute explains that businesses should start by outlining their goals from social media marketing. They further explain that social media marketing connects you to your best audience. Best-case scenario, right?

You can also learn a lot about your audience’s habits from this research. Location-based data can also be helpful, depending on your marketing campaign. Overall, this information will help you further develop a well-honed digital marketing strategy that will most-effectively reach your targeted audience.

For example, Pinterest is an image based platform. Understandably, this means that businesses selling products and easily advertise-able content can greatly benefit from Pinterest campaigns. Not only this, but they would also benefit from designating time and money for great images with easy to navigate product info.

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

After doing a good amount of research, you can move onto our next digital marketing tip – getting the most bang for your buck. If you know which platform has the most users interested in your products, you can add more to your budget to that area.

Using digital marketing more heavily than traditional marketing already saves you money in printing costs. Aside from upfront costs, there are the costly effects of updates to products or services that can result in a massive waste of materials. Aside from the obvious environmental waste, it’s a waste of money. Narrowing your marketing strategy down by then honing in on your optimized target audience, gives you a minimal yet efficient marketing plan.

Understand Your Audience

This leads us to arguably our most important part of our digital marketing tips. You have to understand your audience first before you can understand the ideal imagery and wording to use. There are a few tools you can use to peel apart the layers of your audience and how to best reach them.

Start by using an analytics tool. If you have a Google account, you can set up your business’ website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These tools can help research where your audience and site visitors are coming from, for how long, and if their behavior resulted in a conversion (sale). From here, you can look into these sources and see what best appeals to those platform users. If you do it right, customers will come to you.

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Using our Pinterest example again, let’s say your product was featured in a list on Pinterest that resulted in a lot of website visits and sales. You’d then want to invest more money and effort into Pinterest marketing. Since Pinterest is image-based, you’d also want to make sure your product images are attention-grabbing and appealing. Along with this, you need to ensure your linked product pages have correct and detailed descriptions. 90% of users on Pinterest use it to plan their puchases, it’s basically an audience waiting to buy.

Understand the Buyer Journey

Make sure the marketing materials and platform you use makes sense for your customer’s experience and journey throughout their purchase. You don’t want specified ads popping up at the wrong time for your potential customer. If they’re somewhere where they’d only be interested in information, don’t send them to a landing page to purchase a product.

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Your goal should be to make the buyer experience fluid and comfortable through each step, even after purchase. This brings us to our next digital marketing tips – planning for the long-term.

Planning For The Long-Term

Digital Marketing Tips include planning for long term. The words long-term and short-term written on a chalkboard with the word short-term crossed out.

Customers are happiest when they’re well-informed about what they’ve purchased and what they’re receiving. When you’ve had time to really think about what you want and have the answers you need readily available, you’re pleased with your purchases. So obviously, setting customers up to purchase your products on a whim, or not ensuring every step of the way is correct, could land you with unhappy customers. This will impact your business with the resulting negative reviews.

To accomplish a more long-term strategy, think about your customer’s entire experience. Make education easily available after purchases in case they have any questions. Follow-up with emails ensuring they’re satisfied and have everything they need to complete their experience/purchase.

You’ll also need to stay consistent with your marketing. This will help build your brand and helps your customers connect and build a sense of familiarity with you.

Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing

If you know the return on investment of each of your social media platforms, you’ll be better prepared to pick a priority. You will also be able to eliminate ineffective platforms and efforts. Just because you have a platform that performs well, that doesn’t mean it has a good ROI. Meaning, if you have a ton of engagement on Instagram, that doesn’t mean those people will visit your website and purchase your products.

Think Big Picture

Along with tracking the ROI for your marketing efforts, you should consider the overall big picture results. Look at every aspect of your campaign’s performance. If it didn’t do well, try to figure out why. It’s likely there is a disconnect within the user’s experience, so the ad or campaign isn’t landing. Use this information to fix your process for the next time.

If the ad went very well, start duplicating the concept and see if you can replicate the success. Whatever your analysis determines, think of it in the bigger picture and learn from it.

Use These Digital Marketing Tips to Your Advantage

Hopefully, these tips inspired you to revamp your own digital marketing strategy. If you’re still on the fence about the effectiveness, remember how competitive the market is, and how big the digital audience is. Keep yourself in the forefront of customer’s minds while they’re at home. Follow our digital marketing tips and experience the perks for yourself.

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