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November 30, 2015

Every year, TLC sends out updated materials! They are on their way, so watch your mail for your new payroll calendar, fast facts, and more.

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Within the next week you should be receiving an End of Year Packet containing important documents. Please read through these documents carefully as there may be information we need you to update in order to process year-end documents, like W2’s.

This packet contains:

  • 2015 End of Year ChecklistA list of information we need updated for year-end W2 processing.
  • 2016 Heads Up!New items that are becoming available.
  • 2016 CalendarBe ready for those bank holidays.
  • ACA TrackerTLC’s ACA Tracker is here to help and give you the numbers needed.
  • The Path to Affordable Care Act ComplianceSimplifying the complicated ACA life a little bit.

If you have any questions regarding your packet please don’t hesitate to contact us!
(970) 568-8613 • • (303) 351-5771

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