Colorado Minimum Wage Expected to Rise

August 23, 2016

Effective January 1,2017, Colorado's minimum wage is expected to increase. There is also a proposal to continue increases in the future.

Minimum Wage dollar

The hourly minimum wage in Colorado is expected to increase to $8.56 from $8.31, and to $5.54 an hour for tipped workers from $5.29, effective January 1, 2017, according to Bloomberg BNA calculations.

The calculations were based on Colorado statutory guidelines and a 3 percent increase in the consumer price index for all urban consumers for the Denver-Boulder-Greeley combined metropolitan statistical area for the 12-month period ended July 31, using data released August 16 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The November 8 election ballot is to include a measure to rise the state’s hourly minimum wage, the Colorado state department said in an August 11 news release.

If approved, the proposed constitutional amendment would raise the states hourly minimum wage to $9.30 with annual increases of 90 cents each January 1 until it reaches $12 on January 1, 2020; thereafter, the hourly minimum wage would be annually adjusted for inflation.

If the initiative passes, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment must adjust the state minimum wage to $9.30 and amend its minimum wage order rules. The department plans to propose rules in the fall for the inflation-adjusted $8.56 and $5.54 tipped-worker amounts, a Division of Labor Standards and Statistics official said August 16 in an e-mail.

Typically, in September the department proposes a wage order to rise the minimum wage that receives a public hearing in November and is finalized by early December.

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