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Seeing the Big Picture: How to Create a Business Vision Board

August 6, 2020

Business vision boards can be helpful when considering the goals for your company. Here is how you can put your dreams together in one place.

Photo of a business vision board with only pictures.

This summer I asked a friend his opinion about a big problem taking place.  He humbly replied, “It’s like this: imagine standing nose-to-nose with a painting.  I can only see what’s directly in front of me, because I’m too close to it.  I can’t see the big picture right now.”  While that answer didn’t necessarily offer a solution to the problem, what it did was provide insight.  In other words, the takeaway for me was perspective is relevant.  The problem itself is just one small detail—you could apply this logic to just about any issue you experience.  Basically, it’s important for us to zoom in on the small factors, and then step back to see how it fits into the big picture.  From a company standpoint, this is how you are going to create a business vision board.

Now, many of you have heard of vision boards.  Perhaps in the past you even created a personal vision board that landed you in your dream role of leading a company.  So, don’t limit your dreams to only your desires for yourself.  Instead, make yourself a component of your business vision board.  Here is how you can do just that.

What is a Vision Board?

Image of a rolescreen suspended among highrise businesses with the word Vision written in black ink.

A vision board is simply a display of words and images that together represent your goals or dreams.  Think of it as a way of saying, “I hope this will happen someday.”  I know, I know, it sounds kind of hokey.  On the other hand, if you think about it, it is similar to writing your goals on a piece of paper and keeping it in a safe place to remind you of your dreams.  I’ve done that myself, as have many people I know.  In fact, each year I write my goals at the front of my fresh daily planner.  That way, I can continue to refer back to what I want for myself.  I can also gauge how close I am coming to reaching my goals.  It’s actually very fulfilling. 

So, know that a vision board doesn’t necessarily need to be a means of solving a problem, although it can be.  Still, if you simply want something to uplift and inspire you, creating a business vision board is a great way to do that.

How to Get Your Business Vision Board Started

Probably the hardest thing about creating your business vision board is getting started.  Digital or physical?  Black and white or color?  Round or square or star or asymmetrical? The options are limitless!  In order to help you launch this bad boy, here is a little how-to for your reference.

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1) Be Creative with Your Business Vision Board

Image of a chalkboard with the words THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, with the outline of a square.

Let’s get one thing straight:  there is not a right or wrong way to create a business vision board.  In fact, if you create a vision board that looks nothing like someone else’s, that’s a nod to your own creativity.

On the other hand, maybe you are someone who doesn’t have time to come up with your own design.  No biggie!  In that case, a quick Google search of vision board examples will give you a place to start.

2) Involve Others in Creating Your Board

While you might be tempted to go at it alone, consider involving others in creating your business vision board.  After all, unless you are a one-man-shop, you likely have gobs of help from another person or many other people.  Also, don’t limit ideas from only “key players” in your company.  Remember the people who work in the trenches, and invite them to contribute.  You might be surprised at the ideas some of the quietest people will come up with.

Another thing to consider is your spouse or your significant other.  Even though that person might not be an employee of your company, he or she likely listens to you talking business more than you realize.  So, invite that person to contribute to the company vision board.  The worst thing that could happen is you don’t think the contribution fits with the big picture, so you don’t include it.

3) Learn the Components of a Business Vision Board

Image of colorful puzzle pieces.

A personal vision board isn’t so different from a business vision board.  However, you’ll want to keep the vision for your company in mind as you are creating your board.

Although you don’t necessarily need to follow a template for your business vision board, there are some basic components that will be helpful.  These components include the following:

  • Motivational quotes – What are some famous quotes relevant to where you want your company to go?
  • Inspirational people/companies – Who are some leaders who you look up to, or some companies you admire?
  • Specific goals – What are the things you’d like to achieve when you dream big?
  • Gratitude – What are you thankful for as you embark on your journey to achieve your goals?
  • Cherished memories – What are some business-related events that have happened in the past that make you happy?
  • Self-care – How can you take care of yourself and boost employees morale along the way?
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Remember, these are just some of the components of a vision board.  You can add whatever components you feel will strengthen your vision for your business.

4) Assemble According to Your Vision

Finally, as you are laying out the components of your vision board, remember that you don’t need to assemble them in any particular way.  If you want to have a linear vision board where everything moves in one direction, you can do that.  Or, if you want to have your components grouped together, that is another option.  If you want to throw the components in the air and have them land where they will, no one can stop you.  This is your business vision board.

Dream Big with Your Business Vision Board

As you are creating your business vision board, don’t hold back.  Don’t be afraid to dream big.  Too often, people limit themselves by believing their ideas are silly or impossible.  Don’t let that little seed of doubt strangle your desire to do more.  If you continue to water the seed of hope, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.  Creating a business vision board is a great way to plant that dream in fertile soil, so that it can eventually bloom into a full-blown reality for your company.

Image of a business vision board using only sticky notes.

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