Amendment 69: Creation of ColoradoCare System

September 20, 2016

Colorado flag ColoradoCare

Colorado citizens will vote on the controversial Amendment 69 this November. Make sure you are aware of the pros and cons for the arguments and prepare your business for potential changes.


What will Amendment 69 do?

If passed, it would create a universal health care system for the state of Colorado that extends to all Colorado residents. Amendment 69 would mandate that ColoradoCare pay for healthcare services regardless of the cause of the patient’s illness or injury.

The system would replace the medical care portion or workers’ compensation insurance, there would be no deductibles, and designated preventative and primary care services would have no co-payments.


There are big questions on how this will affect Colorado of it passes.

How will we pay for this?

Will businesses want to leave the state?

Will doctors leave for work in another state?

Will wait times to get into a doctor be just as quick as before?


We highly recommend you stay informed on this important amendment all the way up to election day, November 8. As always, inform yourself and vote for what you believe is best!

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