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2017 New Year Letter from TLC’s President & CEO

January 9, 2017

Read the New Year letter from TLC's President and CEO! Learn what happened this past year and what exciting news is coming this year!

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KevinDear TLC Clients, Partners, and Friends:

I’m thrilled to report that our growth was strong and we took our biggest leaps ever as a company during 2016. The exciting part is we’ve set the foundation and have just begun with our leaps forward as a company.

We owe a huge thank you to our clients, partners and our competition. Every interaction pushes us to be better, making TLC who we are today, and who we will be tomorrow. Our strides are bigger, yet calculated. Our team is stronger and focused. And no matter the stride or the size of our team, our clients will always be our #1. 98% retention is nice but we will never stop striving to hit 100%.

I am ecstatic about TLC’s future. TLC had fantastic growth in 2016 but more importantly, this past year we learned so much to improve our company to better service you. I’m extremely proud of our team taking challenges head on to learn, adapt, and if needed, create new processes. Our technology improved in 2016 but it was truly just laying the ground work for 2017, 2018 and beyond.

We have taken pride in being able to adapt quickly. We’ve had suggestions about technology and from suggestion to release we’ll have it in all of our client’s hands within 30 days. We’ve had suggestions about tweaking things internally to help better our clients and in January 2017, those tweaks will be complete. We listen because you’re our biggest and best educator. When you stop listening to your clients and turn into a commodity, there is no relationship between the business and the client, and that is simply unacceptable to TLC. TLC Growth by Numbers 1

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We have been fortunate to earn a great reputation in the industry for our culture, growth, and retention. Because of this we are constantly humbled as a company, and in 2017, we will have big news that I can only hint about right now. Our team will be strengthened by even more experience and skill because of amazing individuals who are smart, creative, and go-getters looking to join the TLC team. We will be growing by team member count and we could also be growing in locations… Look out for a summer 2017 announcement for the details to be released.

Technology upgrades must be regular because standing still is really moving backwards. We achieved a major 2016 goal by completing our technology platform upgrade. We did this while expanding the solutions we bring our clients through our own builds, partnerships, and open API (Application Program Interface). An open API structure allows us to work with many outside providers in a single-sign-on environment. Payroll is tied to many other industries such as Health Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Retirement Services, Time Keeping, Accounting Software, and so much more. No company, including TLC, should fool themselves and pretend they’re going to be the best at everything. With this thought process, we go through the needs of each client and decide if we build new technology, use a software we’re familiar with, or if we search for new great partnerships. From the start of an idea, to the last discussion before we deliver something new to our clients, we continue to ask ourselves how will this help our clients and is this the best we can do?

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services barI am personally one to never settle and I’m always pushing to obtain and create the best offerings.

Please keep an eye on our website to see the regular updates on our always improving service & technology offerings. We’re never done. In fact, our leaps forward will just be getting bigger.

Stay tuned. 🙂

I move fast. TLC moves fast. I encourage everyone to move as fast as they can but while doing so never forgetting the purpose of business. Never forget to enjoy your business, because that’s truly something that is personal. No matter what you do, it’s to better someone else in some capacity. We start and end our day knowing we impact businesses, individuals and families. If you don’t feel that care from TLC, please reach out to me personally.

Let me finish by saying how deeply grateful I am to all of our partners and clients. Without you, there would be no Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, no ranked #1 in the payroll industry in our region, no new technology upgrades, no benefits we can offer to our team members, and no opportunities to be bettered by our clients and of course you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I look forward to our continued partnership and welcome any and all feedback.


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Kevin Welch,  President and CEO

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