Humanizing Payroll for the Workplace

How Our Mission Statement Cultivates the Best Customer Service Experience

Journey’s mission statement is simple – we humanize payroll for the workplace. Our goal to create the best customer service experience grew into our mission of bringing a more human element to the payroll industry.

Journey’s Mission for the Payroll Industry: Create the Best Customer Service Experience

Before our humble beginnings in 2010, our founders, Kevin Welch and Sue Shirley, worked for one of the “big box” payroll companies. However, they soon began to notice one major thing was missing. While the offerings were great, clients had far from the best customer service experience. With this in mind, they determined their new goal. Kevin and Sue wanted to bring amazing service back to the payroll industry. This starts by making clients the #1 priority again.

If you too have experienced one of the large, corporate payroll companies, you understand where we’re coming from. When you call, you don’t have a direct point of contact. Even if they claim to, their turnover is too high to make this a long-term reality. Then, after finally getting through, the person assisting you doesn’t know who you are. They haven’t even heard about your company. In short, you feel like their last priority rather than the first.

This mission birthed Journey Payroll & HR (TLC Employer Services at the time). Due to the growth and numerous awards that followed, Kevin and Sue realized they had discovered the missing ingredient. Fun fact, Sue’s dedication to exceptional customer service is the foundation of Journey’s monthly “Shirley Bird Award.” The award goes to the most client and service focused employee each month. Basically, we all strive to give that Sue “Shirley Bird” Shirley level of service. For this reason, Kevin created this award early on!

The Missing Human Element

After handling many payroll transitions for clients, another key issue became clear. Service wasn’t the only thing that was missing. The human element was missing entirely.

Companies would boast an “easy” online platform with little assistance necessary. However, that was much easier said than done. If you did have a question, you’d either wait forever to get through, or worse, there was no number to call. As if this weren’t bad enough, we heard numerous stories of clients not able to access their reports, history, or other necessary information.

When a client did want to speak to a local owner, it would not happen. In short, it’s just not possible.  Clients quickly feel like a commodity, and this is not how Kevin and Sue are built. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!

The Birth of Humanizing Payroll for the Workplace

The realization of this missing all-important human element, is the foundation for our mission statement. Humanizing payroll for the workplace is Journey’s mission. This means our clients will never lack the human element in any of their payroll experiences, no matter the services they have. We believe this allows for the absolute best customer service experience.

With Journey’s humanized approach to payroll, we promise you’ll always have:

  • A checklist-guided transition upon onboarding
  • One dedicated payroll specialist and their contact information
  • Hand-holding assistance with your payroll until you feel 100% comfortable with every aspect
  • Personal one-on-one training after onboarding
  • Ability to reach management and local ownership at any time
  • Transparent and fair pricing
  • You are treating as you, not just a client number
  • We will treat your payroll as if it were our own in terms of importance

Although you’ll have one point of contact with a dedicated Payroll Specialist, Journey works collaboratively. Meaning, even if your Payroll Specialist is out of the office for any reason, you’ll still receive assistance from a caring, qualified team member.

Every client is on the same level of importance and we all work together to create the best customer service experience for all. Learn for yourself how humanizing payroll for the workplace creates the best service!