Journey’s Organizational Style and How it Makes Us One of the Best Customer Service Companies

Our Organizational Style

At Journey Payroll & HR, we are all about people. Both the people we serve, and the people we work with. This passion for people drives our culture. We value relationships, and it shows in everything from our industry-leading client retention rate, to the teamwork that sets our standard. All of these ingredients mix together to create the best customer service.

The work we do is formal and requires precision, but the way in which we work is collaborative. Journey understands that great ideas don’t come from one source. Therefore, we’re precise and consider ideas from leaders, employees, clients, and partners.

We aspire to be the most customer-focused payroll and employer services company. We’d rather be seen as one of the best customer service companies that happens to run payroll better than anyone, instead of a payroll company that dabbles in customer service. We don’t stop at great customer service. Rather, we intentionally pursue innovation regularly and invest in technology. Journey’s aim is providing the absolute best solutions for clients paired with the absolute best customer service.

We are proud of our team, history, and growth. Although we’ve only been around since 2010, exponential growth and won numerous awards quickly followed. With now over 900 clients, Journey’s recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in our region 8 years in a row. Just as our company excelled and expanded, so too did our wonderful team.

We’re also proud and excited about our future. Our focus will continue to embrace innovation and change. This way, we’ll continue experiencing the exponential growth we’ve always known. We are not and will never be in “maintenance mode,” nor will our goal to create the best customer service.

Organizational Language

The language of Journey is warm and informal, yet professional. In short, it’s what you might expect in an organization that values their team and mutual respect as much as we do. Internally, we share information informally as needed and more formally in staff meetings. Performance-related matters are typically handled one-on-one and remain confidential.

Communication Mode

There will always be strategies, policies, and job descriptions on our network. We like keeping details on our network, so it’s available for team members to reference. We understand the best customer service companies require the best team. Along with this, the best team needs exceptional communication.

How Our Style Creates the Best Customer Service

Being that people are our focus, becoming the best customer service company naturally follows. Not only do we hire individuals that are client-focused, but we also train them to put people first as well. All of our employees are taught to treat each check as if it were their own in terms of importance. We believe that when you strive to put people and service first, success will follow.

Our goal to stay one of the best customer service companies will always stay at the forefront of our decisions. While Journey will continue striving for the best technology and value, we believe this is worthless without the Journey level of service!