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The Last Thing A CEO Needs Is More To Do.

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Owner / CEO: The Last Thing A CEO Needs Is More To Do.

    Are you a current Journey Payroll & HR Client?

    Our streamlined solutions save you time and money.

    If you’re a business owner or CEO, you know involving yourself in every detail of the company is overwhelming. It’s also near impossible! You need a team you can trust internally, but also externally, so you can continue moving the company in a positive direction.

    Journey is locally owned, so we honestly care about you and your business – you’re not just an account number and a quick sale. We have an industry-leading 98% retention rate and a plethora of technology offerings to make your life easier. Our goal is to help your company process payroll smoothly, so you can focus on YOUR BUSINESS, NOT PAYROLL.

    You have access to every essential detail of payroll, without necessarily having to concern yourself with those details. Receive reports every payroll that include department details, 401(k) deductions, and everything in between.

    Customize reports to receive what you need on the schedule you need them. Keep a high-level pulse on your company at a low-maintenance level.

    We create a solid bridge with your outside advisors so we’re up to speed on your needs. Don’t like the control being out of your hands or feel uneasy about sharing data? Rest easy knowing you’re working with a credible company that’s fully insured and locally owned. We know trust is what makes a relationship come full-circle to benefit all involved. Put your confidence in Journey and learn how we can relieve this ownership stressor!