Benefits for Managers

Online Time, Tips, and Payroll — Everything to Make Your Managers’ Life Easier.

Your managers have enough to handle without payroll. Let us take on payroll so you can focus on what matters most — managing your team.

As a manager, the most significant part of your role is assisting your team with their questions and needs. As important as payroll is, it’s hard to dedicate the necessary time to this task considering everything else on your plate. This is where Journey can help.

Our online time clock allows managers to view and focus on their individual department’s time and PTO — removing the clutter of unnecessary information. Streamlined and online, you’ll no longer waste time collecting or auditing time sheets. Journey’s online time clock collects punches in real time, with IP address and editor stamps. Collected digitally with downloadable spreadsheets, storing time logs is more compact and easy than ever.

But what if I manage in an industry with tips or bonuses? Our online time clock even allows ‘one-time pays,’ integrating time and additional wages. Even better, all of your one-time pays pull with time cards in one easily generated time file. Send payroll, tips, and bonuses in a few clicks and get back to focusing on what matters most — managing and assisting your team!

Have access to what you need — nothing more, nothing less. Streamline your managerial process with Journey’s all-in-one integrated solution. Let us manage your payroll so you can manage your team!