Benefits for CFOs and Controllers

Our Streamlined Processes Save Your CFO Time So They Can Focus on Numbers.

Although we can’t give your CFO more time in their day, we can help them save time!

The hardest part for the CFOs or Controllers of any company is the accuracy, timeliness, and trustworthiness of financial data. It seems impossible to have access to everything you need within the time frame you need it. With Journey, you have easy and secure online access to the entire scope of the company — even if you don’t run the payroll. Available 24/7, access what you need precisely when you need it.

To accurately track finances, it’s crucial to access the reports you need at the drop of a hat. Reconciling a statement doesn’t wait on a response, so neither should you! Quickly receive reports specific to your payroll with deductions, departments, or any other data you need. Access this and more directly from our database, on whatever schedule you require, in a downloadable format so you can locate and save them whenever necessary.

Just like a well-oiled machine, all bits and pieces, or numbers in this instance, are required for a cohesive financial report. We understand the importance of this, as well as the relationships between all involved: CEO, CFO, CPA, and accounting team. You’ll have one direct, experienced, and local payroll contact that’s there for you if you ever hit a bump in the road. Journey strives not only create, but also support a solid bridge between ourselves and the rest of your financial team. We all love when things add up — learn how Journey adds up for your CFO!