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West Coast payroll services just got better with Journey’s Oregon location. Our exceptional service has resulted in huge growth, so we’ve brought this service out west with local ownership. Having this piece in Oregon, with the best service and options for local businesses, is a win for the community.

Sonni and Darcey offer personalized service with a complete tailored payroll offering that meet your business needs. Clients can speak face-to-face with an owner at any time, which provides confidence on all sides. In addition, at Journey Payroll & HR, you receive your very own payroll specialist to help you when you need it! You will receive the service you deserve, and remove frustration from your payroll process, no matter what size company you are.


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Local Ownership

Beaverton and Journey were a perfect fit from the beginning. Sonni & Darcey met in Beaverton, OR in 2005 at a national payroll company and went on to work together throughout the years while maintaining their business roots in Oregon. Together they have over 50-plus years in payroll experience. With that experience, they have learned the value of customer service in the payroll world, which leads perfectly into the Journey philosophy that no client is a number! You are my ying to your yang!

Our Vision

We humanize payroll and HR for the workplace. Our goal to create the best customer service experience grew into our mission of bringing a more human element to the payroll industry.

Our Mission

We like to say that our vision is you: our client. Here at Journey, we always put clients first because we know our most important asset is you. Journey makes all of our decisions with our clients at the forefront of our mind. Whether it be new services, technology, or discounts, it’s all based on the client’s needs.

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Take the Extra Step.

“Darcey and Sonni are two owners of Journey that lead with quality, and their clients are lucky to work with them.”

Kevin Welch

CEO | Founder | Shareholder


Darcey Dearden

Managing Partner - Beaverton

While Darcey is dedicated to her career, her family and friends are her life. Her 31-year-old son, Victor, lives in Beaverton, her mom lives in Bullhead City, AZ, and her sister lives in her hometown of Apple Valley, CA. Although her family is spread out among the Western states, it’s a family tradition to reunite every year at Christmas. As hobbies, she enjoys Pilates, reading, and traveling.

Sonni Leatherwood

Managing Partner - Beaverton

Work-life balance is important to Sonni. Away from the office, you will find Sonni camping, hiking, and enjoying outdoor activities. On top of that, she loves to spend time with her 118-pound Great Dane, GeeGee. Let’s not forget Sonni’s wonderful daughter, who is now old enough to be out in the world on her own — although it doesn’t stop the two of them from spending quality time together.

Jenni Blaker

Director of Implementation

When not implementing payroll Jenni stays busy with her 2 daughters Makenna & Kaitlyn (who are awesome 😉) and 3 maltese dogs – LuLu, Mia, & Stella. She enjoys live music, even better if it is an outdoor concert, watching live hockey & football. She is an expert cook but when it comes to baking she prefers to let others do the work so she can enjoy.

Jamie Hickman

Payroll Specialist

Kaia Soufl

Payroll Specialist

Robin Duttry

Payroll Specialist

Sarah Willox

Systems Director

Scott Halsey

Payroll Specialist

Julie Rossillon

Payroll Specialist

Lina Freed

President of Payroll Operations


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