Arkansas State Facts

Arkansas Effective 1/1/2022 





Arkansas Final Paycheck Law

Within 7 working days.
The final paycheck is due on the next regularly scheduled payday.

Arkansas Direct Deposit Law

Force Direct Deposit:             No

Arkansas Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage $11.00
Minimum Cash Wage(Tipped Employee)  $2.63
Maximum Tip Credit $8.37

Arkansas State Income Tax

Wage Withholding                                    Tables

Arkansas Unemployment Insurance

Maximum 2022 Taxable Earnings(Unchanged from 2021) $10,000                
Employee 2022 Deduction None
Employer 2022 Tax Rates(Includes 0.2% fund-stabilization surtax) 0.3 – 14.2%
Standard 2022 New Employer Rate(Includes 0.2% fund-stabilization surtax) 3.10%