Adding Employee Specific HR Documents to HUB

1. After signing into your HUB account, click the Admin Tab. You must be a HUB Administrator to access the Admin Tab.

2. From the right-hand column, choose the employee that you would like to upload the document for.

3. From the Employee’s window, click “Documents”.

4. Click “Add new document”.

5. Select the document from your computer.

6. Add a description of the document for the employee.

7. If the document should be filed in a category, select from the options available.

8. Choose whether the document is visible or private to the employee.

9. Choose whether you would like to notify the employee of the new document or not.

10. Set priority of the document, start and end date that the document is visible, and request a read receipt, if necessary.

11. Click “Add New Employee Document” and you’re done!