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ACA Tracking

Journey Payroll & HR’s comprehensive online ACA tracking and reporting tool assists with ACA compliance – making it more manageable and less confusing. Let us help you meet the requirements and avoid costly penalties.


Flexible ACA services to fit your needs!

Small and mid-sized employers are in a tough spot. They don’t typically have experts, tools, time, or budget to meet the new IRS requirements for the Affordable Care Act on their own. Yet, penalties for not complying with the law could sink their business. Companies with variable wage and seasonal employees are particularly vulnerable.


Monthly and Yearly Options

Our ACA experts will sit down and learn what your needs are and develop the best strategy for your ACA tracking. We will help you choose the best solution for you and your business.

Form Coding + e-filing

Not only do you have the ability to update basic employee information, you can now update pay rates, manage PTO, and add new hires with a click of a button.

Real Time Reporting

Browse through hundreds of reports that are ready for you to use. If you are feeling creative, build your own to fill your company’s reporting needs. Work with our team to guide you through the process and get the results you are looking for!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer ACA Tracking Services at Journey?

Whether you prefer to pay with check or direct deposit we have options for companies of all sizes. We work together to find the most effective and efficient way for you to pay your employees.
Looking for an easy alternative to traditional methods? Check out our PAYCARD option.

Do you e-file year end forms?
What does it cost if we decide to use your service?

Wages are added directly to your prepaid Visa card for FREE. Save time and headaches with your wages. Once your card is set up, you receive account information immediately, which you input into your employee access in Journey’s HUB. Your physical card will
arrive in about 5-7 days.

Do you help me with a broker if need be?

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What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

I have been working the the fantastic people at Journey Payroll & HR for approximately 10 years. They have never failed me. Julie, Sue and Sara are professionals yet they also make the experience enjoyable.

I haven’t lost a minutes sleep over accuracy or timeliness of reports in 10 years. That value is immeasurable to an employer!

Highly recommended and easily worth the five star review!

Bruce Bollschweiler

Google Review

Journey Employer Solutions is an amazing team of people who take great care of their customers. I use their service, but I also refer them. Their growth speaks for itself, but even if it didn’t, I would speak for them. They’ve built right! I tell my clients that Payroll is the number one service they should outsource because it’s not their core business, and they probably don’t even like it. It is core for Journey, they do like it, and they are good at it. You’re in great hands with the team in Colorado or at their other offices around the nation.

Mark Weaver

Open Door

I have loved working with Journey Payroll, they treat my agency with respect and integrity. Our representative, Julie, is always so helpful, caring, and accessible. She answers my many questions and patiently explains in a way that I can understand. Julie brings a personable touch to my monthly payroll. Journey Payroll set us up for success by coming to our agency and providing us with training during a time of transition. The transition was much smoother with them on our team. I appreciate the willingness they have to work together in their agency to serve our agency to the best of their ability. We continue working with Journey Payroll because of their quality service and exceptional employees.

Hannah Hayes

Google Review

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