Shareholder Message

As Journey shareholders, our daily goal comes down to two things. First, make Journey the best place to work. Second, provide the best solution for small to medium sized businesses’ payroll needs.

One is not more important than the other, but we do feel incredibly blessed about the future chapters of Journey, and it’s because of each one of our team members. Simply put, creating an environment where people love to work, think, and care, creates the platform to provide businesses with the best service. We do not believe you can be the best, if you do not first focus on your team members next to you.

Once you have those amazing people on your team, it’s an ongoing job to make sure that culture never slips. While never taking our eye from team members, we are constantly focusing on the specific offerings we have available for our clients. As a company and individuals, we expect the best value and service with the providers we use. In turn, we look to provide better than what we’d expect and hope our clients and partners always hold us to this high standard.

We can make quick movements, for long term benefits for our clients. Adapting to our clients in the best way possible is what we love to do and we extend an open invite to anyone to discuss the benefits of Journey, and how can we improve for you. At the end of the day, when we improve for you, everyone wins!

Please let our team of professionals help you save headaches, time, and money, while providing you with cutting edge tools for your business!

Kevin Welch

Shareholder, CEO

During his free time, Kevin will most likely be with his wife Christine and their sons Logan and Caden. You can find Kevin and his family at local restaurants with friends, by the pool or camping in the summer, or visiting the classic “go tos”, such as the Denver Zoo, or going to a Rockies or Rapids game. Kevin enjoys playing golf when he finds the free time, but nothing comes close to spending time with his family.

Little Known Fact: His childhood dream was to become a police officer. He went through the first two years of college with a declared major in Criminal Justice until changing his focus to Financial Management, which he eventually graduated in.

Favorite Beverage: Water, coffee, and a cold Moscow Mule.

Favorite Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers (Broncos are growing as a strong #2 favorite), San Jose Sharks, and Oakland A’s.

Favorite Part of Journey: Working with honest, high integrity, hard working professionals that have the positive “glass half full” mentality. No excuses. I’m blessed to work with amazing people every day.

Sue Shirley

Shareholder, Executive Vice President

When Sue is not taking care of Journey’s clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Steve, visiting family and friends, and playing with her dogs.

Little Known Fact: She grew up on a ranch in Steamboat Springs and in a prior life was a rodeo queen.

Favorite Beverage: Iced Tea.

Favorite Teams: Denver Broncos.

Favorite Part of Journey: “I love that we are locally owned and have talented team members that I work with each and every day!!”

Ashlee Faulkner

Shareholder, Executive Vice President

In her spare time, Ashlee can be found spending time with her family and friends. She comes from a phenomenal military family and is a proud sister and daughter of men that fight for our country.

Little Known Fact: She started skiing at the age of 2.

Favorite Beverage: White Chocolate Mocha (everyday).

Favorite Teams: Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies.

Favorite Part of Journey: “The wonderful people I work with, the flexibility and the awesome clients we get to interact with and service.”

Steven Harris

Shareholder, Executive Vice President

During his free time, Steven can be found with his wife Kimberly, and his kids, Jack and Victoria. They love weekend getaways and live in the pool during the hot AZ summers! Backyard BBQs and game nights with friends and family usually top the list!

Little known fact: Steven was in a Panasonic commercial when he was four years old and grew up wanting to be a movie director. He would spend the summers making short movies with his friends when he was young. (Journey is offering a $200 reward for anyone that can find that commercial!)

Favorite beverage: A cup of Joe in the morning!

Favorite teams: Minnesota Vikings (SKOL!) and Phoenix Suns

Favorite part of Journey: The team! I am lucky enough to get to do this thing called “work” with truly great friends and have a blast building something really great for our clients.

Jaime Zuder

Shareholder, Executive Vice President

During her free time, Jaime’s favorite time is “Family Time!”. She and her husband both grew up in Arizona, and they are fortunate to have all of our family still close. Their daughter Madison is the center of their world!

Little known fact: Jaime’s first car was a 1965 Ford Mustang that her dad worked to restore. For Christmas when she was 16, her dad offered to install an A/C unit or put a stereo system in…being 16, she chose the tunes! “Boy, it sure was hot in those AZ summers, but I had the best tunes to listen to! My heart still skips a beat when I see an old muscle car on the road!”

Favorite beverage: Cucumber water, especially in the hot summer!

Favorite teams: Arizona Cardinals and my alma mater, Arizona State Sun Devils

Favorite part of Journey: Our Clients! I love being an integral part of businesses working more efficiently!