Security, risk, and privacy concerns increase every day.

Journey’s clients know that we focus on service, technology, and value, but security is paramount to everything that we do. Journey’s tools, technologies, safeguards, and resources are always evolving.

Our security practice includes:

Fully Insured & Bonded

Journey is fully insured and bonded to protect our clients and ourselves. Even with the best technology and the best people, there are no guarantees in life. Please ask us to view the details of our mult-million-dollar coverage policies if needed.


These items are put in place with the proper redundancy measures for everyone's protecton.

Internal Training

Our clients’ trust is everything. Journey team members are regularly trained on evolving technology to protect all data they have access to. All team members must follow the proper protocols when transmitting or receiving confidential information.

Journey Data Storage

Server Capabilities

Journey’s servers contain three major layers, each made up of four sub-layers. Each layer and sub-layer represents a basic building block of the environment. This design was put in place with the goals of 100% Customer Uptime and Absolute Data Protection.